Take a Walk in the Park with

We Walk PHL

Taking a walk in one of Philly’s many parks is a fantastic way to step into fall, meet neighbors, and improve your health. We Walk PHL, a FREE walking program in parks around the city brought to you by Get Healthy Philly, the Fairmount Park Conservancy, and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation,  kicked off its fall season the week of September 2-7!

This fall, We Walk PHL is piloting an additional 5 sites which means there will be walks in 10 parks, making the program even more accessible for all!


Groups that will continue walking:


Mondays: 7am Lanier Playground, 8:30am Clark Park, 6pm Rose Playground

Tuesdays: 8:30am FDR Park and Hunting Park, 6pm East Fairmount Park

Wednesdays: 7am Lanier Playground, 8am Vernon Park, 8:30am FDR Park, 9am Tacony Creek Park, 6pm West Fairmount Park

Thursdays: 8:30am Hunting Park

Fridays: 7am Lanier Playground, 8:30am Clark Park

Saturdays: 7:30am Rose Playground, 8am Vernon Park, 8:30am FDR Park, 9am Hunting Park, 10am Tacony Creek Park

Sundays: 7:30am Rose Playground, 2pm West Fairmount Park


To get more updates, join our FACEBOOK GROUP

 or email wewalkPHL@gmail.com for more information!


We Walk PHL seeks to increase positive use of Philadelphia’s parks, encourage active living, and create opportunities for people to pursue wellness goals while connecting with their neighbors.

All Philadelphians with an interest in walking (and rolling) are welcome. Male or female, young or old, walking or rolling— ALL people are encouraged to participate.

Why Walking?

  • It’s effective in improving many aspects of health. Regular walking can improve sleep and boost energy levels.
  • It’s low skill – no special training necessary!
  • It’s accessible for all ages and abilities and available just outside your door.  “Walking” includes “rolling” for people in wheelchairs or using assistive devices.
  • Walking decreases depression, anxiety, and stress levels.
  • It’s our favorite price – FREE! All you need are comfortable shoes and you are ready to walk.
  • The health benefits add up. Regular walking helps you meet American Heart Association recommendations of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.
  •  You can walk for recreation or transportation.
  •  It’s environmentally friendly – it does not cause pollution like motorized vehicles.
  •  It builds social connections – walking with a group is a fun way to meet people or strengthen existing relationships.
  •  It serves as a break from work, studying, or the kids.
  •  Taking a walk in nature helps to clear your mind.

We Walk PHL fall season will be coming to an end pretty soon. In fact, We Walk PHL will be wrapping up walking groups in just two weeks! However, this does not mean stop walking. Some walking groups will informally meet, so keep an eye out on the Facebook We Walk PHL group. All are welcomed to join and most importantly to walk !!!


We’ll see you for a walk in the park!