Written by Shelby Dorsaint

Wissahickon trail

Spring is around the corner, which means warm weather and Philly flowers blooming. The warm weather allows for a great opportunity to be outdoors. One of my favorite outdoor activities is hiking. I love being surrounded by nature and taking the environment in. I am originally from Monmouth County, New Jersey which is known for our nice beaches, but we also have some hidden gems for nature folks like me. A trail I enjoy is Shark River Park located in Neptune, New Jersey. It’s a wonderful trail I enjoyed during quarantine when national parks reopened.

Here in Philly, I have found the most beautiful hiking trails. The one I am most familiar with is Wissahickon Valley Park. The park offers a variety of trails for beginners and those who are veterans in hiking. Wissahickon Valley Park is located at Valley Green Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19128.

Taking the dog for a walk

The City of Philadelphia is creating a new plan for the trails in recreation parks here in our city. These include Overbrook, FDR, and Poquessing Creek Park. An upcoming trail to be on the lookout for is the Overbrook Trail. Its recreational park has created a new route for more connections to other local parks. The new trails are being planned to be better for cyclists and pedestrians.

Take advantage of these improved hiking trails and access to green spaces this spring. If Overbrook or Wissahickon Park are not local for you, there are a variety of recreational parks with trails to explore. Go out for a walk to relieve stress or if you’re more like me, grab your best sneakers and hike onto the trails. These recreational parks are an amazing spot to kick off springtime in a healthy way!

Link to Wissahickon Park Map