Every step counts.

No matter your speed, walking, running or hiking are great ways to reduce anxiety and stress levels, control your weight, and increase your energy level. And there’s also no cheaper way to stay fit; with no need for special equipment, there is nothing keeping you from hitting the pavement (or trail).

And luckily you live in Philadelphia, one of the most walkable cities around. We even shut down our largest thoroughfares each year for races like the Broad Street Run and the Philadelphia Marathon. But you don’t have to go 26.2 miles to prove you’ve got moves.

Catch sunsets and changes in the seasons from your favorite hiking spot. Take in nature and head to the not-so-forbidden Forbidden Drive. Wave to old friends and meet new ones while lapping your neighborhood after work. Want some company? Bring a two- or four-legged friend for some extra motivation. Or head out with Latinas in Motion, Black Girls Run, or the Philly Runners all-skill level club. There’s always a spot for you.

As you reach for 10,000 steps a day, just remember: no matter how fast you go, every step counts.