Written by Shelby Dorsaint

Walking is low-impact exercise that goes a long way for your health. It has benefits such as reducing stress, reducing the risk of heart disease, and improving overall wellness. A great way to start walking is with a group or a friend. We Walk PHL makes that possible! The program was started in 2017 to support community members with improving their health and making use of the local parks in Philly. “We Walk PHL is awesome. It’s a great way to enjoy the beauty outside. It’s free and a great way to reduce stress. I have lost a few pounds and gained a few friends.” – Robin, We Walk PHL: East Fairmount Park participant (Fairmount Park Conservancy)

We Walk PHL photo from before the COVID-19 pandemic

We Walk PHL’s motto is “Way to a healthier you! Join your neighbor for a walk in the park!” A walking community that supports every aspect of health is determined to serve their community to strive toward health and wellness. We Walk PHL will follow all CDC and Philadelphia Department of Public Health guidelines to keep everyone safe while exercising. For safety precautions, everyone must wear a mask when going on walks and maintain social distancing. The walking groups meet throughout the week at a public park near you. Take advantage of the fresh air and blue skies and take that first step into your health journey by getting involved with We Walk PHL! Join the We Walk PHL Facebook group for more updates, and check out the schedule below.