Saddle up and explore the great outdoors.

Straight out of the stables and into the city, horseback riding isn’t just for those in Lancaster County. So grab hold of the reins and adjust your stirrups because this is one physical activity that has a built-in training partner.

We’ve all seen tourists enjoying horse-drawn carriage rides throughout the city, but did you know there are places to saddle up probably much closer than you thought? Down the street from Belmont Plateau, nestled at the edge of Fairmount Park, Chamounix Equestrian Center is not only home to a stable of fine equine professionals, but is surrounded by 14,000 acres of beautiful winding paths and open space—perfect for a trail ride.

Come explore Philadelphia’s great outdoors on horseback. Like biking, it improves balance, coordination, and core strength. Riding is a great way to workout your whole body and those leg muscles you never even knew you had. Saddle up and get moving. With these gentle giants, you could make a friend for life.