Weight training isn’t just for bodybuilders.

Weight training isn’t just for bodybuilders. And the weight in weight training all depends on you. Do more reps with lighter weights for leaner muscle. Or use heavier weights with fewer reps to bulk up the areas you want to show off. Your moves, your way. You have the power to define the body you want.

Though cardio is the “go-to” for many to drop pounds, combined with weight lifting, you can burn fat faster and for longer periods of time after your workout than aerobics alone. Feel that burn? Embrace it, it’s your new body carving out its own space. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get fit by building muscle. Buy only the weights you need to start. Think in small increments like five and ten pounds. If you can’t afford weights just yet, fill up two one-gallon water jugs with handles, which is equivalent to roughly eight and a half pound each.

It doesn’t matter where you lift: weight train in the privacy of your home or at your local rec center or budget-smart gym. Start small and build your way to heavier weights. Enjoy seeing changes in the areas you’ve worked, tightened and toned. When you decide to work through the challenges you set, the soreness will go away and you’ll be glad you did. As you build, remember that muscle weighs more than fat. So don’t focus on the scale, focus on your body’s transformation.