That’s how we roll.

Nothing beats the sound of 10 wooden pins crashing to the floor at once. Strike! Often overlooked and underappreciated as a competitive sport, bowling can trace its roots back about 4,000 years, to early Greece and Rome. Bowling is still the nation’s largest participation sport with one out of four Americans bowling at least once a year.

Besides being fun, social and competitive, bowling offers multiple of health benefits for pros and novices alike. Mastering the low-impact sport requires detailed focus and muscle control. As you set and release the ball, precise movements strengthen and tone your muscles, while the repeated bursts of energy used to hurl the ball down the lane improve endurance and offer heart and respiratory benefits.

Whether you are bowling the perfect game, or managing to miss every pin even with bumper guards, bowling is one of the few sports that everyone can enjoy no matter your skill level. Looking for a great spot in Philly to strike up a conversation, and a great game? Check out Erie Lanes which offers league play, as well as fun for the whole family. So, choose a lane, and lace up those spiffy shoes, because win or lose you’re going to have a blast.