Rediscover the city on two wheels.

From our fabulous, hard-to-miss Indego bike share program and ever-growing number of dedicated lanes for biking throughout the city, to Kelly Drive’s family-friendly tandem bikes and the new Schuylkill River Trail bike link, Philly is a haven for cyclists. And no matter your fitness level, age or shape, you can join in.

Because cycling requires you to use the larger muscles in your body (your legs and glutes), cycling helps you burn serious calories. No time for a trip to the gym? No problem. Fit fitness into your commute and join the growing numbers of Philadelphians who get to work and school by bike. It comes down to simple math: save serious time (and money), help the environment, improve your health, then multiply by fun.

Philadelphia’s got everything from bike lanes to dirt trails. If you’re up for adventure, check out the extreme rocky paths at Wissahickon Park or test yourself over the Ben Franklin Bridge walkway. For a more mellow ride, take in the skyline across the South Street Bridge. So, take a deep breath, because it’s you and the open road. With a helmet on your head and an open mind, there’s nowhere two legs and two wheels can’t take you.