Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

Sore from slouching at work? Stressed out? Relax, take a deep breath in and get centered. Both yoga and pilates are excellent ways to get your heart rate up and your stress level down. As you focus on your breathing and mastering your body’s movements, decrease neck, back and joint pain and strengthen your muscular system.

Afraid your body won’t twist into a pretzel knot, or even worse, that it will? Don’t worry, yoga and pilates are for everyone. Practicing heightens your sense of body awareness, allowing you to modify movements so that they feel right for you.

Yoga and pilates aren’t just about flexibility. Holding a pose takes some serious muscle strength. Salute the sun on Pay-What-You-Wish Wednesdays at the Philadelphia Art Museum, or during summer months, check your local rec center for the chance to perfect your downward facing dog. Grab a mat, strike a pose, and feel the power. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.