Dig in and embrace nature.

Escape busy streets by embracing nature. Dig in and root yourself in a gardening workout for the mind, body and soul. Without counting reps or steps, get your heart pumping, blood flowing, and release endorphins that will make you feel better.

It’s all at your fingertips in a neighborhood garden near you, like La Finquita Farm in South Kensington, Urban Creators Farm in North Philly, or Farm51 in Southwest. Sign up to volunteer a few hours a week, or just try planting a container garden on your stairs.

Regular gardening naturally incorporates a range of bending, pulling, squatting and lifting motions that help you stay active, gain muscle and improve flexibility. It’s a full fitness regimen, but with a much lower chance of sprains or other injuries. Even if you have a limited range of motion, gardening can be done seated and at your own pace.

Even more than the physical gains are the beautiful results you’ll see in the changing landscape. Bright flowers and fresh food are a way to give back to the community and brighten the day for others. There’s nothing quite like sharing and enjoying the healthy fruits (and vegetables) of your labor. A total health package, gardening will have you feeling good and eating well. So, get gardening and soak up some Vitamin D.