Game, set, match.

It’s love-all when you join tennis players out on the courts. Tennis helps improve your agility, balance, and muscle tone. It’s also an efficient way to burn nearly 500 calories per hour, while chasing down balls and hitting your groundstrokes. So, grab a partner and play a match at one of the many public courts around the city. Many are also lit after sunset in case you wanted to get a quick game in after dinner.

Can’t find someone at your level for some good back-and-forth volleys? Check out one of the many tennis clubs around the city for players like you looking for singles opponents and doubles partners, from beginner to more advanced.

Check out the Arthur Ashe Tennis Center in East Falls or the Woodford Tennis Club in Germantown, where you can sign up for low-cost individual or group lessons or, when your confidence really gets going, amateur competitions and tournaments. If you prefer practicing your skills alone, check out the courts at LaSalle University or Awbury Park, where you can get your timing down and improve your footwork and technique by working the wall.

Called a “sport for a lifetime,” you can start to play tennis at any age, and just keep playing at the pace you set. It’s easy to learn, and like most things in life, the more you practice, the better you’ll get. All you need is a racket, tennis balls and someone who’s game, set, match!