Boot camp

Text from client: Hey random but is two weeks enough time to build some tone and get rid of extra belly fat? I have two weeks until (friend’s) wedding. Need to firm up this belly.

My response:

Let’s take this piece by piece:

  1. No. Two weeks is not enough time. Next.
  2. Build some tone? What does that mean? Do you mean build muscle, get stronger, or become more lean? (Most of us can’t stand “tone.”) Whatever you mean two weeks is not enough time. See number 1, above.
  3. You cannot spot reduce. You cannot spot reduce. You cannot spot reduce. HEAVENS TO MURGATROID YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE! Now ask me about getting rid of “just my stomach” one more time, go ‘head, I D-double dare ya.
    (If you put a snow man in the sun can you direct the sun to burn off only his belly fat? No. Same concept with your body fat and exercise. Shrinks all over.)
  4. Losing weight for a wedding, reunion, or other event is rarely the source of lasting motivation needed to sustain a lifestyle. If you only want to look good for the event get some Spanx and call it a day.

We need healthy lifestyles, not fix it quick schemes. Love y’all to life but my name is Lez, not Houdini. There is no magic, only work and reward. We’re worth it.

I’m joking but not really.