Who Said V-Day is Only for Chocolates and


February is Heart Health Month and is a great way for you and your special someone to use your hearts to help your heart’s! Take this month to stay physically active TOGETHER with your partner. Why not sweat with your sweetie to get the job done?

There are so many ways to spark up the relationship by engaging in physical activities that can keep you two both looking great!

  • Try using each other to perform ab workouts sitting or standing
  • Alternate counting and reps for each other
  • The touch of your partner might be more comfortable than a trainer
  • Great way to demonstrate your love for your partner by motivating each other to keep going

Checkout these other great examples below:





Click on these 3 pictures below for videos to perform these simple workouts with your partner.

Some benefits to working out together include:

  • Bonding time: Just another great way to spend time with each other and connect
  • Challenge one another: A chance to test your competitive side and see who can do more reps than the other; or who throws the towel in and needs an early break during an intense workout class
  • Coach: An opportunity to tap into your tender side and provide encouragement to your partner’s varying abilities
  • Looks: When you look good, you feel good!; Matching workout apparel always looks good for that Facebook post; And don’t you want to bring that SEXY BACK from younger years?!?
  • Build up an appetite: Another reason to go on a mini-date to grab a smoothie, froyo, or a meal afterwards
  • Massage: Treat each other to a good rub down and relieve those tight muscles