My First City Fit Girls Run

By: Meg Carter

A few weeks ago, I ran with City Fit Girls for the first time. As a new runner preparing for the Broad Street Run, I was excited to find a group of women who were motivated to improve their fitness through running. After learning about City Fit Girls through the Dilworth Park Spring Training, I joined the group for one of their Wednesday night weekly runs.

Before I arrived, I was worried about how long I would be able to run. Would my pace be fast enough? Would we have to run any dreaded hills? But as soon as I joined the group, I was reassured by how friendly and welcoming the City Fit Girls were. Everyone in the group was motivated and ready to run, but I could tell that the women were there for wellness – not competition. Within a few minutes (and after a few photos) we took off down Market Street to the Schuylkill river trail.

Tonight was fun ❤ #cityfitgirls

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The City Fit Girls motto is “No runner left behind” – something that I experienced after I realized I forgot my inhaler. I have exercise-induced asthma, and when I mentioned this to the girls that I was running with, they immediately offered to slow down to give me some time to breathe. These two girls had both run half- or full marathons, but were still willing to slow down with me on a 3-mile run. It felt great to feel welcomed and accepted no matter what my abilities were. Finding new friends in a city can be tough, but I knew that running with City Fit Girls would make it easy.

I’m new to Philly and new to running, but City Fit Girls made me feel like I fit right in. I’m can’t wait to keep running with them, to train for Broad Street and beyond!

Check out City Fit Girls at and meet them for weekly runs at Dilworth Park, EVERY Wednesday night at 6:30 pm.

City Fit Girls Group Run