Fall is here! There’s nothing quite like a crisp breeze to slow us down and get us ready for autumn. And while it’s easy to snuggle up on the couch with warm cider and Netflix, don’t hang up those fitness dreams just yet. You can have your pumpkin spice and stay fit too!

Here are a few ways to fit fitness in this season:

  • Rake the leaves. Yes, chores can be a hassle, but they can also be a crafty way to squeeze in your recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Like gardening, yardwork is a great way to break a sweat and burn some serious calories.
  • Pick a pumpkin. It’s that time of the year again, when pumpkins line stoops like alley cats and grace our tables in every form. So, why not try picking your own? A little ways outside of the city limits, Linvilla Orchards is a regional treasure. Wander through fields hunting for the perfect squash, or if you have a sweet tooth, bags of apples can double as weights and a healthy treat.
  • Chop some wood. Nothing beats the smell of a wood burning fireplace. Fuel your flame with a chopping workout. Don’t fancy yourself an urban lumberjack? Help clear the streets by hauling fallen branches, and tone your arms while heating your home.
  • Foliage fever. From schoolbus yellows to brilliant reds, who can resist the changing of the seasons? And in a tree filled city like Philadelphia, it’s truly a beautiful sight to behold. So grab a loved one and take a stroll down Forbidden Drive, or make your way around the block to see the colors of your neighborhood.
  • Home sweet home. When the weather is too cold and damp to brave the great outdoors, nothing beats the coziness of your own living room. Next time you find yourself housebound, dust off a workout DVD or try YouTube for free videos that can even be done from your couch! And don’t forget to show off, motivate your friends, and inspire others with #mymovesmyway.