Written by Shelby Dorsaint

Free Library of Philadelphia Healthy Communities Program, March to May 2021

Since the pandemic, working out at home has become the new normal. With the luxury of exercising in the comfort of your home, it can still be frustrating. Where do I start? Without much available equipment or space, it could get stressful. Luckily with remote settings and resources such as Facebook and Instagram, working out at home has never been easier. The Free Library Healthy Communities Program makes accessing physical activity safe during the pandemic. The Free Library allows access to live and pre-recorded video workouts you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

The workout videos are from UliftU, a strength training non-profit organization on Chestnut Street whose mission is to create access to fitness for all, and Roots2Rise – a non-profit organization in Philadelphia that focuses on making meditation and yoga accessible to all communities.

Join them live:

FIT for ALL |
Fitness where your are, with what you have. Join us on Facebook @UliftU on Monday mornings from 7-8 a.m. now to May 3, 2021
EVERY body YOGA | WednesdayMorning yoga for all bodies and abilities. Join us on Facebook @Roots2Rise on Wednesdays from 7:15-8:15 a.m. now to June 23, 2021
Photo taken before COVID-19 at a Roots2Rise class at Dobbins High School

Missed the live class? You can still access the videos!

The UliftU videos are about 40-50 minutes long; they are pre-recorded and will be there at any time! This is a perfect way to make fitness work with your schedule. Any leisure time on hand, you can access their strength training videos on their Facebook page. UliftU videos require minimal equipment; if you do not have any equipment that is perfectly fine – you can find anything at home that works best for you.

Roots2Rise has three great yoga videos offered through the Free Library program. Each exercise is about an hour long and can be accessed at any time. These yoga classes are a great way to start your morning or end your night with Roots2Rise yoga. The yoga is led by great staff members from Roots2Rise. Their videos are a nice combination of a wonderful flow and gentle practice. Roots2Rise yoga videos are a great way to help relieve any stress and arrive at a calmer state.

All the videos are an amazing way to maintain health and wellness during these difficult times. They are great for beginners and easy to follow. The links to a few of their recorded workouts are below! Have fun and keep moving!

Roots2Rise Video 1

Roots2Rise Video 2

Roots2Rise Video 3

ULiftU Video 1

ULiftU Video 2

ULiftU Video 3

ULiftU Video 4