Written by: Rachel Djaraher of the University of Pennsylvania

Our country is in the midst of a movement towards social justice. Specialized groups for black women are more important now than ever. GirlTrek is a walking organization that both celebrates and supports the black community in a variety of ways.

What is GirlTrek?

GirlTrek is a national health movement that motivates thousands of Black women to be change makers in their lives and communities through walking. As a result, thousands of Black women are reclaiming the streets of their neighborhood by walking in their communities. Check out our previous blog post about GirlTrek that features a Philadelphia resident who is an active member of the organization.

A message from Vanessa Garrison, GirlTrek co-founder:
“The reality is Black women and girls are living under some trying circumstances in today’s world. They live in communities that are under extreme stress whether it be from crime, health disparities, blight or even gentrification. Our walking is not for sport. We don’t hit the streets of our communities for show. Our movement is more than cool hashtags and cute outfits. This is a revolution. Our walking is our activism.”

Join the Black History Bootcamp Challenge!

Currently, GirlTrek is holding a Black History Bootcamp. It’s free to join! This challenge walks through Black history to celebrate many powerful figures. Powerful black women in history are highlighted on each day of the challenge. By signing up, you’ll have access to a music playlist, inspiring stories, and a number to call for phone conversations while you walk. Complete the official sign up form here.

GirlTrek values:

  • Lacing up our sneakers and walking each day as a declaration of self-care
  • Healing our bodies, inspiring our daughters, and reclaiming the streets of our neighborhoods
  • Reestablishing walking as a healing tradition in Black communities as tribute to those who walked before us

So far, 739,464 women have taken the GirlTrek pledge. Sign up today to help them reach their goal of 1 Million women by 2020!

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