Heather DeWar



Philly Powered is awed when we achieve our mission to make a difference in peoples’ lives. We posted a mid-week reminder on Instagram to encourage everyone to stay on track with fitness goals and do what you love. The response from one of our Philly Powered ambassadors reminded us that the road to a healthy lifestyle is a journey – a labor of self-love that can inspire greatness in not just yourself, but in others on the same path. See full post below.

Heather Insta Post

“I’ve been absolutely killing it at my new job. I have impressed myself, almost daily, when I not only reach but exceed my goals. I’m so impressed with my new but seasoning work ethic and creativity.
My professional success was at the expense of my over all goals. Instead of long walks, I worked longer hours. Instead of cooking ahead, I bought convenience food.
For the past few weeks, I have been ‘researching’ gyms; comparing prices, locations, and amenities. So much thought and absolutely no action.
Today, @gethealthyphilly posted a reminder to a promise I made to myself. My life is not your job. My life is my health. The post caught me by surprise and promptly empowered me to shake up my priorities.
I met with a physical therapist and created a plan of action … and walked three miles. #selflove #phillypowered #mymovesmyway

Dog walking


To that we say “Go get ’em, Heather! Our dog-walking, back on the right track, health is a priority- HERO!”