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SMART Heart Goals

February is Heart Health Month and is also a great time to set goals that improve the state of your health.

You can do this by setting SMART Goals!


Here is an example of a SMART Goal:

Example Activity: Walking

«I will walk (specific) three times a week (measurable) for 30 minutes (timely) after dinner (realistic) for the next three weeks (achievable)

Once you have created your SMART goal, try and follow these other tips to help you stay on track!

  • Set a goal
  • Work towards it
  • Tell a friend or partner to keep you accountable for the goal you are trying to reach
    • They can keep you in check if you begin to fall off
    • They can support you along the way by participating in your activity with you sometimes
  • Achieve it!

  • Reward yourself
    • Treat yourself to a healthy dessert, mani/pedi or a massage
    • Go buy that item that you saw on sale
  • Repeat, or set a new goal
    • Take photos- track memories of you enjoying this activity and/or of any weight loss or muscle gain
    • Track clothing size reduction- donate your clothes to those who are in need and re-do your style

Creating SMART goals can also be used for other areas of your life too, like healthy eating habits, studying, household chores, and more.